About Us

We are PA’s best choice for exterior and interior sign design, installation, repair, replacement, and upgrading since 1946.

Bobby and Noelle Lynett, purchased and combined 2 legendary family owned sign companies in Pennsylvania. The company is known as PA Signs. With Sekula Signs (DuBois) and Widmer Signs (Scranton) we can now provide unparalleled service to customers across the state of Pennsylvania and our neighboring states.

“Both companies have impacted the surrounding communities in such a profound way. They have built an impeccable reputation. We vow to maintain and enhance their standards and the strong family traditions. I plan to foster the family-owned legacy and culture that already exists at Sekula Signs and Widmer Signs,” said Bobby. “Our talented team will continue to produce, install and service top quality sign products just as they have for generations.”

Please check out our website and give us a call. We can’t wait to meet you!!!